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10 Major advantages of buying a new car
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10 Major Advantages Of Buying A New Car

Advantages of buying a new car

Purchasing a car is only second in importance to buying a home – a major investment that will have consequences later on. When it’s time to buy a car, you’re always spoilt for choice with the variety that’s available. However, that shouldn’t distract you. Every prospective buyer needs to remain guarded before committing yourself.

Buying a car involves not just the choice between the make and model but also asking oneself the question: “New or used?” A fundamental decision that could hit your finances over the next couple of years.

When you’re getting yourself a brand new car, get clear in terms of:

  • The features that you absolutely cannot do without in your car.
  • Your budgetary limitations.
  • Your future plans involving your car.

Once you’re clear on these matters, you can then head on out to make the actual purchase.

In this post, we highlight the advantages of buying a new car. To help you choose carefully, here is a list of benefits you could gain if you opted for a newer model

1.The freedom of choice

When you go in for a new car, you get to determine the make, the model, the color, price range, trim, accessories, etc. Essentially speaking you’re in charge of exactly what you want. If a dealer doesn’t have your choice in stock, you could check out other dealers or have the dealer place an order on your behalf.

Which is totally different to when you have to buy a used car. All you have is to choose from whatever’s available. We aren’t saying you won’t find what you’re looking for. It’s just a very real possibility that your dream car won’t be around anywhere.

A new car means taking it out for a test spin, customizing it to your favorite color, outfitting it with whatever features take your fancy, and the capacity to add upgrades (the audio system, communication set up, navigation system etc) Again, if you don’t find what you want in a showroom, you can always have your dealer special-order a new car to suit your exact requirements.

Expert Tip: If your choice happens to be a popular model, be prepared to wait!

2. Made to order

Like we’ve stated earlier, you can have a new car rigged out just the way you prefer. And if that doesn’t happen, you can always have your dealer scope out a car that comes equipped with everything you need!

3. The durability

A new car has the advantage of never having been driven (which means you get to top off all those miles yourself!), never witnessing any accidents or experiencing gross maltreatment, and basically coming to you with a clean sheet (no funny odours, no wear and tear, no damages etc) This way it’s going to last you way longer than a used car.

4. Complete warranty

New cars come provisioned with a full warranty against certain faults for a fixed period of time. The best warranty is the one that accompanies a new car without the additional costs. With used cars, you would have to buy the warranties or go the certified pre-owned route. Warranties allow a drop in maintenance bills during the first few years of ownership.

5. All the latest tech

The newer the car, the more likely it’s got some pretty cool tech on the inside. With all the advancements in multimedia and navigation interfaces, it’s obvious that a new car would be the one. If you really want all the latest in gadgetry, then you need to opt for a newer version. Think about it. A used model from a decade or so ago won’t have today’s sophisticated navigation system, Internet accessibility, satellite radio, built-in MP3 player etc. Other perks consist of lane departure warnings, collision avoidance systems, self-parking etc.


advantages of buying a new car

6. Safety

With safety laws getting even more rigid, carmakers have had to adapt. Cars these days are designed keeping in mind the latest safety systems. You have cars that have been subject to:

  • Obligatory tire pressure monitoring
  • Stability control tests
  • Installation of tech like blind-spot monitoring systems, side curtain airbags, adaptive cruise control, brake assist etc

Plus there’s a sense of immunity that comes from the knowledge that your car is fresh off the manufacturing boat so to speak; newly inspected, and vouched for by both the dealership and the manufacturer. Safety is what’s on everyone’s minds the minute they get behind that wheel. So cutting costs at the expense of your safety would be an unwise move. Recognizing that your car has made it through a plethora of checks and inspections before ending up in your garage is a definite confidence booster.

7. Higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions

Today’s cars are far more economical than what they were a decade or so ago. The one thing that’s always been a talking point with cars is their fuel efficiency; which has seen a massive improvement over the years, allowing you to do your bit to protect your environment. Emission rates are so much stabler while the air gets a chance to get fresher again. You even have quite the options to pick from the hybrid division, if you’re big on energy-efficient cars.

8. Financing

Another advantage with newer cars is that they are worth a lot more than used cars, and tend to offer better surety. Which is why you have banks extending offers with significantly lower rates on newer cars, all because they haven’t yet succumbed to depreciation. Newer cars are also less likely to suffer problems that make people think twice before forwarding payments.

9. Maintenance

Some new cars, particularly the luxury class models, come with free scheduled maintenance for a certain amount of time or mileage. Which means that when you set out to buy a new car, pretty much nothing has happened to it.

On the other hand, used cars come with their own baggage. People tend to let loose with any property that doesn’t belong to them. The advantage of a new car is that you know exactly how it’s been driven, how much mileage it has clocked, whether it’s had rough rides, or if it sustained an accident.

Choose wisely. A former used car that’s seen better days or one that can give you better days signed, sealed and delivered? Probably the latter, we think.

10. The convenience

Another thing with buying a brand new car from a showroom is the fact that you don’t need to run around much. Once you’ve gotten a particular make in mind, most of the searching can be left to the salesperson.  Whereas with used cars you would need to go on even more research missions to find yourself the perfect car. With used cars; apart from all that work, it’s also about making sure you get exactly what you are looking for and that everything has not been a wild goose chase. On the other hand, buying new means having everything laid out right in front of your eyes, with the presence of additional help.

As someone who’s been in this business for a very long time (we do have a pretty great Maruti showroom in Hyderabad, ahem), we can tell you that it all boils down to choosing what’s best for you. Our job is to help you see what’s good in each option, and then the choice is yours.

Given that we’re one of the top Maruti Suzuki dealers in Hyderabad, it’s obvious that we’ve focused heavily on the advantages of a new car. Self-promotion aside, we aren’t lying when we say that finding the right car can be a remarkably daunting experience.

 Not unless you’ve some research under your belt. Always remember that if you’re able to pay off every outstanding amount within 3 years, then that’s the car you should go ahead with. Regarding the question of new vs used, we’re definitely on the side of the former. This isn’t discounting the merits of a used car, no. This is just about letting you know what to expect when you go in for a new car – a car that is both ritzy and reliable.