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Choosing A New Car?: We Give You All The Reasons Why It Should Be A Baleno - Pavan Motors
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Choosing A New Car?: We Give You All The Reasons Why It Should Be A Baleno
Choosing Nexa Baleno

The minute you clap eyes on the Baleno, you’ll never be able to look away – Trust us on that one!  Everything about the Baleno is designed to bust any preconceptions you might have had about cars. Sleek, exciting, refined and simply delightful –  the Baleno is one car you can’t get enough of!

NEXA’s Baleno comes with three different configurations – 1.2L petrol, 1.3L diesel and the 1.0L boosterjet (the most powerful of all variants) Maruti; in order to catch up to some serious hatchback competition, launched the Baleno to enter the fray. The result? The car has smashed every record from the books, the minute it was launched in India!

Its appeal lies in the fact that it’s both modern and practical; a perfectly good combination of both looks and usability. Let’s just say this is the next “Maruti 800” in terms of the sales it’s clocking.

So, why should you choose the Maruti Baleno?

Maruti is well-loved and respected amongst a majority of people for its wide range of economic and power-packed vehicles, and is considered tough competition for several top brands in the automobile industry. And at Pavan Motors, we bear witness to that testament every time we make a sale.

The Baleno model from Maruti is expected to be available in four versions – Alpha, Zeta, Sigma and Delta, and seven brand-new, exciting colors. From Autumn Oranges and Fire Reds to Premium Urban Blues and Ray Blues to Premium SIlver, Pearl Arctic White and a very stoic Granite Gray – you name it, you can have it! You have both the petrol and the diesel variant available in the market.

We’ve never played favorites when it comes to cars but there’s absolutely no one who could deny the charms of the Baleno. We’ve outlined a few reasons why it’s time for you to own this car:

Features and Design

Maruti, for every other model carrying its name, has made sure to pack in only the most advanced and powerful features possible; at a competitive price.

(a) The exterior

Wanting to incorporate an entirely new design into the vehicle’s style, without compromising on its individuality, the Baleno combines a low and wide form for some pretty outstanding stability. One of the premium hatchbacks available in the market today, the Baleno has a European design to it, with a body shaped by dynamically flowing curves. This painstaking attention to detail is what catches the eye first.

(b) The Interior

The focus on style didn’t compromise on spaciousness. The Baleno offers best-in-class cabin space, while also securing generous storage capacity for luggage. While the exterior gives it a very sporty look, the interior matches it both in terms of design and durability. A cabin space capable of seating five adults easily, an Anti-lock braking system, and central lock, standard dual airbags, a push button start, Apple CarPlay, touchscreen infotainment system and DIN audio. And the one place Baleno edges out the competition is with its Automatic gearbox option.

Baleno Features & Interiors

(c) Mileage

The average mileage spec for the Maruti Baleno is expected to be around 27.4 kmpl, with the mileage for the 1.2 L petrol variant about 20 kmpl while for the 1.3 L diesel variant, it is 28 kmpl – perfectly suited to Indian city roads.

(d) A Long-lasting battery

The Baleno has an excellent battery backup that is particularly handy during the monsoon season. Such a powerful battery saves your car from making those pesky visits to the mechanic for maintenance. The battery helps the entire vehicle’s performance and need not be changed often to keep it in use.

(e) The Engine

As mentioned earlier, the Baleno has two variants within the Indian market. The 1.2 L petrol engine promises a power of 84 PS and a torque of 115 Nm while the 1.3 L diesel engine provides a power of 75 PS and a torque of 190 Nm. As far as transmission system goes, the petrol and diesel variants have the 5-speed manual transmission system, with the exception of the petrol engine having an optional automatic gearbox.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno engine


(f) Fuel Efficiency

With two engines designed to promote energy efficiency – the 1.0 boosterjet direct-injection turbo engine that reduces engine displacement, achieves higher power output and torque, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and performance and the 1.2 dual-jet engine, incorporating a unique dual injection system to improve fuel combustion efficiency and achieve strong running power. Integrated with the new SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) mild hybrid system, the dual-jet engine boasts of an impressive fuel performance.

And in the quest for even exceptional fuel efficiency, the makers at Maruti decided to develop a new mild hybrid system called SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki). The SHVS assists the engine using a light, compact ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) that has an electric motor function and a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery with a fantastic charge and power supply performance. This is an optimal hybrid system for compact cars, designed to offer not only fuel efficiency but also space efficiency and overall balance.

  • Engine auto stop – The engine is stopped and electrical components are powered by the batteries, saving fuel.
  • Re-start – The ISG functions as a starter motor to quietly and smoothly restart the engine.
  • Take-off / Acceleration – The ISG assists the engine when starting from a standstill or when accelerating, improving fuel efficiency.
  • Deceleration The ISG uses deceleration energy to generate electricity and efficiently charge its batteries.

(g) Speed

Fit with a powerful 1248 cc engine, the Maruti Baleno promises a powerful performance on the road. Power-steering and other aspects of the engine help to maintain a steady speed. Both the diesel and the petrol variants promise good, controlled speeds.

(h) Safety

Knowing you’re well protected can make driving seem even more fun and yet many of us feel a sudden chill when some car suddenly brakes in front of us or some motorist randomly speeds by or passers-by swarm your car unexpectedly and so on. In order to ease the strain of worrying over your safety, we’ve made it easier on our drivers as much as possible. The Baleno comes equipped with highly advanced, preventive safety features such as Radar Brake Support and Adaptive Cruise Control.

(i) Adaptive Cruise Control

  • This makes uses of a radar to measure the distance to any preceding vehicle and automatically accelerates or decelerates to maintain a pre-set following distance.
  • In the absence of a preceding vehicle traveling at a lower speed, maintains a set speed.
  • Automatically decelerates and maintains distance when there is a preceding vehicle traveling at a lower speed.
  • When a preceding vehicle that was traveling at a speed lower than the set speed is no longer present, automatically accelerates to the set speed and maintains a fixed speed.

(j) Price

The on-road price of Maruti Baleno starts from Rs. 5 Lakhs for the basic model and Rs. 8 lakhs for the higher variants.

At the end of the day, the Baleno not only offers some pretty amazing performance value but also makes driving a lot more fun! And really, what more could you ask for? A car that not only makes it easier to navigate heavily congested Indian roads and park in closed spaces, but also comes loaded with amazing features and snazzy looks, and let’s not forget – very good resale value. Whether you’re using it for your daily commute within the City or taking it out for a spin on the highways, the Baleno is one car that encourages you to keep on driving