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The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying A New Car - Pavan Motors
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The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying A New Car

There once was a time when cars were certified luxury, bought only after one went on saving year after year. Today happens to be a whole other story. Cars are now more necessity and less luxury, being readily available.

However, there’s also the fact that the entire car buying process has become a lot more demanding. With so many things to bear in mind, buying a new car can leave even the most level-headed of customers flustered. New car buyers go through a lot of trouble – researching, hunting, financing, features, service etc. All this can turn the entire car-buying experience a tad bit unpleasant.

We’ve been one of the few Maruti Suzuki dealers in Hyderabad who’ve seen it all. We’ve witnessed buyers come in with all fangs bared out, ready to do battle. Which is what leads to frequent mistakes. However, we’re also here to help. And that is why we’ve compiled a list of 5 common mistakes people make when purchasing a new car.  

Here’s what you need to watch out for when investing in a new car:

buying a new car

1. Not doing your research beforehand


Ideally speaking, you need to be very clear about what you seek. Buying a new car is a major investment; one that requires careful research. Conduct your research online before visiting the nearest dealership. Carry out a comparison of all the available options to gauge the best prices, and search all the different pricing and financing terms available. With the presence of the Internet, there’s literally nothing you can’t have access to. All the information you seek is just one click away, so take all the advantage you can!


2. Focusing on price at the expense of the financing terms


The biggest fear for people when it comes to buying a new car is getting ripped off. Nobody wants to pay more than what is legit.

But while the price is obviously a crucial consideration, you must also remember that what you see isn’t actually what is paid in the long term, whether it’s with interest or maintenance costs or even service plans. All this and more need to be discussed with the dealer so that you know where exactly you stand.

At most of our Maruti Suzuki showrooms across Hyderabad, we’ve seen customers fussing over the price even before we’ve discussed what type of car they are looking out for. It’s pretty much a given that the price factor is arguably the largest concern. But it’s also important to distribute your focus to other areas as well. Make sure you find the right car for your needs.


3. Failing to consider all your options


More often than not people tend to skip some details when buying a car. While we agree that buying a new car can be a stressful job, it won’t do to not weigh all your options. It’s important that you carefully consider everything that works best for your needs.


4. Setting your expectations too high


With too many choices comes even greater responsibility. Having multiple options to choose from can cripple even the sanest of decision takers. There’s always a constant pressure to choose wisely. And if what’s been chosen isn’t up to standard, then disappointment sets in immediately.

So what’s to be done? Lowering your expectations.

Especially when you set out to buy a car.

Cars tend to come with lofty price tags, and a drawn out buying process. Not to mention the fact that they happen to be purchased quite infrequently. All this contributes to your stress levels and only serves to make you anxious about buying the perfect car at the perfect price. And no matter what, there will be persistent doubts even after a purchase has been made.

Which is why you need to take it easy, do your homework, and be aware of what it entails to own a car. This way you avoid making too many mistakes and ending up disappointed in yourself.


5. Rushing into a decision


Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Most of life is made up of several important decisions. Whether it’s picking your outfit for the day or choosing to settle abroad, every decision requires careful consideration. Big or small, nothing good ever comes from rushing into a decision. The same idea applies to the process of buying a new car.

The biggest mistake is walking into a dealership feeling like you need to come out with a car. This only serves to inflate your anxiety and panicking is never a good way to finalize a deal. Avoid rushing. There’s absolutely no harm in taking a little extra time to mull over your choices. Rushing into an investment as important as a car will only lead to regret later on.

Opt for cars that you know you can afford, and they meet your needs. Pay attention to pricing details, get a comparison of various dealer quotes, make sure you get the best interest rates, and always, always compare insurance quotes from different companies to make sure you’re paying as little as possible over the long run!

Buying a new car doesn’t necessarily have to be a paralyzing experience. If you get your research right and lay down the groundwork, it gets easier. Keep your eyes peeled to avoid committing mistakes that can come back to haunt you. The goal is to find a car that satisfies your every requirement.